Restart for Education in a Digital Era through Project-based E-learning


Integrated resources on the RESTART 4EDU e-learning platform for PBL will allow working teams to create, consolidate and demonstrate their knowledge and skills to build projects with the help of interactive virtual space. The purpose is to provide higher education institutions with practical implementation models of the Project Based Learning Method, which will lead to the development of beneficiaries' knowledge, critical thinking and creativity, communication skills. This e-tool will promote and sustain the national or international inter-university teams, as well as mono or multidisciplinary projects.

The interactive virtual space is a tool that facilitates the implementation of the Project-Based Learning method in teaching and learning.

This virtual space will be designed to allow posting of project themes, facilitating the creation of work teams that can include students and teachers (even from different specializations) within the same or other universities, as well as socioeconomic specialists interested in the projects proposed on the platform.




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